The 7th Congress

of the International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM)

will take place September 20-21, 2015, in Berlin.

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The Agenda for the General Assembly – 21.9.2015 in Berlin.

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The International Society for Gender Medicine



החברה הישראלית לרפואה מגדרית ISRAGEM - homepage

Dear Colleagues,


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of The International Society for Gender Medicine (IGM). This website presents a platform for physicians, scientists and professionals from all para-medical disciplines who are interested in the new science of Gender Medicine and who share the common goal of promoting this science.


Gender-specific medicine is a new way of looking at  the physiologic and pathophysiological differences between men and women and  great efforts need to  be invested in research and education in order to re-write many  chapters in modern medicine.


We are very pleased to invite you to the upcoming 7th International Meeting on Gender Medicine which will take place for September 20-21, 2015  Berlin. Please visit the congress website...
Leading clinicians and scientists from all over the world will present state-of-the-art data and there will be ample opportunities for scientific exchange.


Looking forward to see you in Berlin,


Very cordially,
Marek Glezerman, MD
President, International Society for Gender Medicine


The International Congress on Gender Medicine, Berlin September 2015:

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