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Follow-up on EUGenMed project!

Dear friends and colleagues, 

The evidence for a need for greater inclusion of women in clinical studies, biomarker development, drug development plus testing, and female animals in basic research are more than convincing! Gender aspects in public health, in medical education and medicines regulation were discussed with an overwhelming interest and consensus among dele­gates from a large number of European countries at the European Gender Medicine (EUGenMed) project’s final conference, 30.6.2015 in Brussels. 

We will follow up on these topics at the 7th Annual congress of the Inter­national Society for Gender Medicine in Berlin – focusing on pharmacology, basic research and public health. We want to use this opportunity to establish a long term organization – the European Gender Medicine Net­work (EGEM). EGEM will be an assembly of all stakeholders and all new­comers that are willing to participate and to contribute to the im­ple­men­tation of sex and gender in biomedicine and health research in Europe.

Please let us know by email ( before 20.9.2015 whether you would be interested in participating.

There will be a EUGenMed stakeholder desk at the IGM congressand we will organize a EUGenMed meeting during this congress on the 20.9.2015, during the lunch break.  We strongly recommend you to participate and bring your voice to this network!

We are looking forward to welcome you in Berlin!
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Vera Regitz-Zagrosek, Congress President
Prof. Dr. Marek Glezerman; President IGM
Prof. Dr. Marianne Legato; Honorary President IGM Congress

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