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Report on the Annual Meeting of the IGM - 2010

At the general assembly in Tel Aviv on December 1st, 2010, it has been resolved that IGM will conduct bi-annual symposia in conjunction with the annual meeting of one of its member societies.


It was further resolved that international congresses of the IGM should be conducted in collaboration with the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD).


The first joint congress will be held in Baltimore in 2012 and the congress of 2014 will be held in Europe at a yet to be determined location.


Please find here the short report on the last IGM annual meeting...


The 5th International Congress for Gender Medicine in Tel Aviv  has been a great success.


Approximately 500 participants from 19 countries were presented with over 40 invited lectures and close to 100 free communications/moderated posters and enjoyed a truly intellectual experience of highest scientific standards. The congress which brought together so many scientists, physicians and professionals of para-medical disciplines provided also fertile grounds for exchange of views, discussions and debates. Many old friendships were renewed and new friendships created.

Opening remarks were given by the congress president, Prof. M. Glezerman, Israel, the outgoing IGM president, Prof. V. Regitz- Zagrosek, Germany, the president of the Israel Academy of Sciences, Prof. R. Arnon, the president of the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Prof. D. Zajfman, the dean of the Medical School at Tel Aviv University, Prof. Y. Mekori and the General Director of the Rabin Medical Center, Israel, Dr. E. Halpern.  Key note lectures were delivered by the Nobel Laureate, Prof. A. Ciechanover and by the honorary president of IGM2010, Prof. M. J Legato.

The General Assembly transferred the presidency of IGM from Prof. V. Regitz-Zagrosek to Prof. M. Glezerman and ratified the new Bylaws. The General Assembly also decided on close cooperation with the American Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD).


Specifically, and pending approval of the OSSD board, it was decided to hold bi-annual international congresses alternating in Europe and North America. Prof. V. Miller, president of the OSSD has in the meantime presented this concept to the OSSD board, which has recently approved the proposal. We look enthusiastically forward to the next International IGM/OSSD Congress on Gender Medicine to take place in 2012 in Baltimore, USA.

Participants of IGM2010 voted for the best short communication and the best poster.   The prize committee, which included Prof. A. Rieder and Dr. S. Yurman awarded 750 € each to Dr. N. Melamed and Dr. E. Hadar, both from Israel. The prizes were sponsored by the IsraGem (Israel Society for Gender Medicine).


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