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Biology of Sex Differences (BSD)


Biology of Sex Differences (BSD),  the official journal of the Organization for the Study of Sex Differences (OSSD), was launched today. Biology of Sex Differences is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal launched by BioMed Central. BSD considers manuscripts on all aspects of the effects of sex on biology and disease.

BSD will feature articles on separate and interacting effects of any hormonal, genetic, or environmental factors that cause sex differences in phenotype or disease.

Topics covered by BSD include, but are not limited to, sex differences in: the genome, epigenetics, molecular and cell biology, tissue biology, physiology, and clinical and epidemiological studies that focus on sex differences.

Biology of Sex Differences also publishes articles about sex-specific factors that counteract each other to reduce sex differences rather than cause them. Of particular interest is material about the biological origins of sex differences in disease models, whether animal or human. BSD welcomes papers reporting on sex differences in clinical studies or other studies of humans, particularly if they affect the biological mechanisms related to human physiology or disease.

BSD will provide a forum for discussion of the causes and consequences of sex differences in human and animal physiology and disease. BSD will bring together scientists from diverse disciplines and from around the world, to share information on the common factors that cause sex differences in many tissues. There’s never been greater interest in this topic.  If one sex is protected from a disease, then studying the sex differences might lead to the identification of the factors that are protective.

BSD is available worldwide at no cost to anyone with an internet connection by visiting Please consider submitting your work for publication in our journal.

Arthur P. Arnold, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, Biology of Sex Differences
Distinguished Professor, Department of Integrative Biology and Physiology, UCLA


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